Haiti Fundraiser

Like many others, I'm hoping to use my (knitting)skills for good rather than evil and am throwing my name in the ring at help_haiti

Anyone who fancies getting hand-knitted socks/hat/baby garment (from me) or a multitude of other things from others while also helping a good cause should check it out.

I'm hoping this link will bring you to the page where 'offer something interesting' is situated. I should be in there somewhere along with a couple of pics.
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Sweet Charity Scarf

This is a scarf I knit a while ago - it's an illusion scarf, which means you can't see the image when you're looking straight at it, the impalas are only visible from an angle! Bizarre, I know.

Anyway I've put it into the Sweet Charity Auction (the last one ever) so feel free to bid on it :-)

It was designed by Lycantrophile and the original pattern can be found here: http://lycanthrophile.blogspot.com/2008/12/metallicar-illusion-scarf-pattern.html

Impala scarf

The Boy Jonno

On Thursday I finally handed two copies of my novel to my agent and they're being sent out to publishers next week. This novel has been redrafted and edited multiple times at this point, but I still had to fight the urge to grab the manuscripts back and tell the agent I needed to do some more work on it.
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Completely Shameless Showing Off

Not many people know this but I love making lace - specifically bobbin lace. Yesterday I finally finished a piece that was supposed to be a present for my mother on her 80th birthday. She will be 82 in October so yes, it has taken me nearly two years to complete this.Collapse )
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